Tempting Fate (Nigeria: 2014)


Kevin Nwankwor

Cast list

Nicholas Alexander, Ramsey Nouah, Andrew Onochie, Tiffany Denise Turner


Tempting Fate is about two brothers who lead vastly different lives. One brother is involved in a life of crime, while the other is very religious. The movie follows what happens when the wrong brother is wrongly imprisoned.


Outstanding performances!

Author: Linda Palmer from United States
11 February 2015

I attended a screening of the film at the Pan African Film Festival on February 10th in Los Angeles, and was amazed at the raw and poignant performance of lead, Andrew Onochie, who plays a brother who's faith is stronger then most would or could imagine.

Although, there were a few holes from plot issues, and some of the minor characters were less interesting, the leads pulled you into the film and their performances tug at your heart strings. Kudos to both Andrew and the female lead, Trinitee Stokes for a job well done! The two of them make the show worth seeing. I would recommend it highly for those performances.

Praise to the Lead Actors

Author: abancrof from Los Angeles
18 March 2015

"Tempting Fate" is the poignant journey of two very different brothers, whose faith in each other and love for family remains at the heart of the story. High praise for lead actors Andrew Onochie and Tiffany Denise Turner for their portrayals of Edu and Tracey. Their love story feels so real it draws you in to the emotional heart of the film. These actors deserve much recognition for their work on this film. It will be exciting to see what projects they are involved with next. This film is highly recommended to all audiences as there is something for everyone. The story of two siblings, the love story between too genuinely good people and the idea of having to choose between good and bad.