Gacaca- Vivre Encore Ensemble au Rwanda? (Rwanda: 2003)


Anne Aghion


Production: Philip Brooks, Laurent Bocahut and Anne Aghion


This documentary takes place after the genocide of Rwanda in 1994, where over 800,000 people were murdered in the civil war between the Tutsi minority and the Hutu moderates. Now under a new government, Rwanda is trying to rebuild its own political structure and law system. Under the Gacaca tribunals, the new law system is trying to give justice to the families who utilize it for redemption. The documentary shows the process by which Rwanda tries to adjust to a new democratic setting opposite from the previous dictatorship of President Juvénal Habyarimana (1973-1994). The problem faced with the Gacaca Tribunals is that many judges were minimally trained and dealt with complex cases. We start with the beginning of trials, with over 1,000 petitions from family members.


Human Rights Watch Film Festival (2003)

Amnesty International Film Festival (2003)

African Studies Association Conference Film Festival (2003)

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