“God Sleeps in Rwanda” (Rwanda: 2005)


Kimberlee Acquaro and Stacy Sherman

Cast list

Narrator: Rosario Dawson

Starring: Severa Mukakinani, Odette Mukakabera, Chantal Kantanga, Joseline Mujawamariya, Delphine Umutesi, Mary “Fifi” Mukangoga, and Marie Chantal Akimana.



Distributed by Women Make Movies

Edited by Craig Tanner



In the wake of the Rwandan genocide, the country’s population was left nearly 70% female.  Rwandan women were handed an extraordinary burden and an unprecedented opportunity. “God Sleeps in Rwanda” follows the stories of five Rwandan women as they rebuild their lives and communities after the massacres of 1994. Severa Mukakinani, Odette Mukakabera, Chantal Kantanga, Joseline Mujawamariya and Delphine Umutesi tell their stories of new found empowerment, becoming leaders, police officers, politicians, AIDS activists and landowners. Despite the psychological and sociological traumas of the genocide remaining, the documentary shows how the strong surviving spirit of Rwandan women is changing the cultural landscape to create a better Rwanda.



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