Benjamin and His Brothers (Sudan: 2002)


Arthur Howes

Cast list

Benjamin Deng

William Deng


Writing: Arthur Howes


Howes explores the lives of Sudanese “Lost Boys” who live predominantly in refugee camps and who travel great distances, in this case from Sudan through Ethiopia and Kenya, in search of education and a better life, through the entwined stories of the Deng brothers, one of whom leaves Sudan through a work resettlement program for a job in America while the other stays behind in a refugee camp. However, upon his arrival in America, William discovers that the program is actually a way of finding cheap labor for menial jobs.


Jenny Turner, Oh, Brother ; an Extraordinary Documentary about Two Sudanese Brothers Has Won Acclaim for the British Film-Maker Arthur Howes., The Independent (newspaper)

Academic Articles:

Loizos, Peter. “Sudanese Engagements: Three Films by Arthur Howes (1950–2004).” Visual Anthropology 19.3-4 (2006): 353-63. Web.

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