Tigers are Better Looking (Sudan: 1979)


Hussein Shariffe

Cast list

Tim Brown
Julie Covington
Susan Littler
Malcolm McDowell
Anton Phillips
Nick White


Writing: Screenplay by Hussein Shariffe, adapted from the short story of the same name by Jean Rhys
Production: National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield Studios, UK.
Scenario: Hussein Shariffe, adaptation
Photography: Pascoe Macfarlane
Montage: Clare Mussel, Alan Tyrer


Tigers are Better Looking is an adaptation of a short story by Jean Rhys. In the film, Shariffe directs his view towards exile in Europe, showing the wide disparity between North and South. The film contrasts two different civilisations, the homeland, Sudan, and the country of exile, Great Britain. Through poetic abstractions the director manages to portray the strong sense of exile and the longing for the homeland. The film received special commendation in the Tour Festival, France, 1980.

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