Geedka Nolosha (Somalia: 1988)


Abdulkadir Ahmed Said

Cast list

Hassan Elmi Qori


Photography: Fuad Mohamed Abdulaziz
Production Designer: Ahmed Abdulaziz Mohamed
Editing: Roberto Missiroli.
Music: Ali Ganey
Sound: Abdullahi Issa Ali.
Production: Jubba Enterprise Somali Film Agency, PO Box 1183, Mogadishu, Somalia.
Foreign sales: Somali Film Agency, P.C. Box 1183, Mogadishu, Somalia Telex: 3071 SOMFILM.


This silent film depicts a small town where a nomad cuts down a tree he needs to use.  However, he accidentally chops down the wrong tree, killing the tree that sustains life itself. When the latter tree falls, all life disappears. The nomad then finds himself in the middle of a desert that he does not recognize, and he tries to work his way  back to civilization. During this particular quest, he comes across a small tree that is in the process of dying and opts instead to save this one.

Won Best Film in the International Short Film Competition at the Torino International Festival of Young Cinema.

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