DP75: Tartina City (Chad: 2007)


Issa Serge Coelo

Cast list

Youssouf Djaoro

Billy Joséphine

Felkissam Mahamat

Adama Rahama


Music: Abdellah Chafik, Hicham Ayouch

Cinematography: Pierre Stoeber

Editing: Samuel Guelbave, Catherine Schwartz

Distribution Sales: SIC

Theatrical Distributor: Hevadis Films

Production Company: Parenthese Films, Cenaci, SIC


The action is set in an unnamed African country, where a brutal government death squad commanded by Colonel Koulbou (Felkissam Mahamat) is active. A journalist, Adoum (Youssouf Djaoro), having obtained his passport wants to travel abroad so to be able to report on the situation in his country; but while at the airport, a compromising letter is found on him. Adoum is thrown in one of Koulbou's jails. All hope seems lost, but Adoum finds unexpected help from Koulbou's estranged wife, Hawa.


Cockrell, Eddie, "Review: 'DP75: Tartina City". Variety (online magazine)

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