Champagne Amer (Bitter Champagne) (Tunisia: 1988)


Ridha Behi

Cast list

Jean Carmet as Zigou

Patrick Bruel as Wanis

Ida Di Benedetto as Mariam

Amidou as Slim

Julie Christie as Betty

Ben Gazzara as Paul

Polli Magaro as Alice


Written by Ridha Behi and Jean-Claude Islert

Produced by Jalel Saada

Edited by Eric Pluet and Kahena Attia Riveill


As French colonial rule unravels in Tunisia, Paul is having an affair with a nightclub singer, Betty. Because the dangers in Algeria are growing, Paul and Betty are prepared to leave Tunisia. Before they do, Paul's illegitimate son, Wanis, attempts to spark a romance with Betty and they all become engaged in a love triangle. As the intensity of the love affair rises, friction between the Tunisians and the French also intensifies.


Secret Obsession (1988) (Newspaper)


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