Le Chant de la Noria (Melody of the Waterwheel) (Tunisia: 2002)


Abdellatif Ben Ammar

Cast list

Houyem Rassaa

Ahmed Hafiene

Hichem Rostom

Ahmed Snoussi

Jamila Chihi


Writer - Abdellatif Ben Ammar

Writer - Gérard Martin

Co-Producer - Bernard Maltaverne

Co-Producer, Line-Producer - Ivan Sadik

Music - Jacques Davidovici

Cinematographer - Christophe Paturange

Set Designer - Taoufik Behi

Technical Director - Rip Hampton O'Neil

Processing - Abdel Ali Kassou


Zainab imagines that divorce is the door to her freedom. M'hamed believes that emigration will be the door to his. His chance encounter with Zainab, his first love, plunges him back into a dream at odds with his plans for a new future. Together with their friend Ali, freshly arrived from America, they drive South. bound by their dreams and their love, they arrive at a crossroads at Metlaoui where truths become bare, and disappointments arise, but hope can be reborn as well.


Uncommon Tunisian Road Movie About Dreamers, Lalit Rao, http://www.imdb.com

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