The Silences of the Palace (Tunisia: 1994)


Moufida Tlatli

Cast list

Amel Hedhili...Khedija
Najia Ouerghi...Khalti Hadda
Hend Sabri...Young Alia
Fatima Ben Saïdane...Mroubia
Zahira Ben Ammar...Habiba
Sabah Bouzouita...Schema
Sonia Meddeb...La Jneina
Hélène Catzaras...Fella
Ghalia Lacroix...Adult Alia
Michket Krifa...Memia
Hichem Rostom...Si Bechir
Kamel Touati...Houssine
Kamel Fazaa...Sid’ Ali
Sami Bouajila...Lofti
Hatem Barrabeh...Salim
Bechir Feni...Le Bey
Khedija Ben Othman...Sarra


Moufida Tlatli...Writer, Editor
Nouri Bouzid...Writer
Ahmed Baha Attia...Producer
Richard Magnien...Producer
Anouar Brahem...Music
Youssef Ben Youssef...Cinematographer
Camille Cotte...Editor
Karim Hammouda...Editor
Claude Bennys...Set Designer
Fatma Jaziri...Makeup Artist
Gérard Rousseau...Sound Mixer
Faouzi Thabet...Sound


Following the death of the prince for whom her mother worked as a kitchen hand, 25-year-old singer Alia returns to the palace where she spent her childhood to pay her respects. In doing so, she also flees from her controlling lover who wants her to have an abortion. As she explores the dilapidated palace, she recalls her youth, which she hasn’t thought about since her mother’s death, and reflects on her mother’s position as a servant who was expected or forced to be sexually available for the tender prince (who may have been Alia’s father) and his cruel brother.


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