Une Si Simple Histoire (A Simple Story) (Tunisia: 1970)


Abdellatif Ben Ammar

Cast list

Labiba Ben Ammar

Juliet Berto

Pia Colombo

Amor Khalfa

Jamila Ourabi

Fouad Zaouch


Writer - Abdellatif Ben Ammar

Cinematographer - Lotfi Layouni

Producer - Delta Film (Germany)

Producer - Larcy International Film (Spain)

Producer - Satpec (Tunisia)


Shamseddine is a young film maker producing a film about Tunisian workers returning to their homeland from France. He follows two individuals, Hamed and Merle's fiancee, both returning from France, as they encounter difficulties re-adapting to Tunisian culture and daily life. Both struggle with difficulties within their respective relationships, and with re-integration into a social environment far more traditional than the French social landscape from which they have just arrived.

Academic Articles:

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