Dent Mapepe (Tanzania: 2017)


Adam Mwasa

Cast list

Adam Mwasa

Salama Yahaya

Mwanaidi Isihaka

Glady Mboye

Smary Mwenda

Halima Hassani

Tunu Kasim

Idd Bigirwa

Masudi Hamady

Alex Mwarongo

Mbaraka Issa

Ahmed Nurdin

Hashim Kambi

Lucy Komba

Zachy Comrade

Christina Mzava


Adam Joseph Mwasa (script)

Mwanaid Isihaka (Location Manager)

Grady Mboye (Make up)

Salama Yahaya Ndakonda (Continuity)

Athuman Nyanza (Graphics / Editing)

Mussa. O. Mussa (Camera / Editing)

Deo Mkama (Boom Control)


What Happens to a Love Scorned?

Tuma, a young student, is in love with the lodger who rents a room at her parent’s house but he rebuffs her ardent attempts for love. Feeling scorned, she prostitutes herself to another man who has been struggling to sear children. Three months later, Tuma finds herself pregnant and so the saga continues as she caught between aborting the baby to finish her studies or deferring to the wishes of the other man to keep the baby.

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