T-Junction (Tanzania: 2017)


Kijiweni Productions-Amil Shivji

Cast list

Hawa Alisa...Fatima

Cojack Chilo...Iddi

Magdalena Christopher...Maria  

Aloyce Fungafunfa... Mussa

Sabrina Khumba... Mama Maria



Written by: Amil Shivji

Produced by: Amil Shivji

Cinematography by: Lester Millado


After Fatima’s estranged father suddenly passes away, she finds herself struggling to mourn his death. At the hospital she meets Maria, who is a patient with a complicated, mysterious past and injuries. Maria tells Fatima the story of her life and home (T-Junction), as the two women bond; Fatima reflects on the complexities within her own life.


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