Dangerous Ground (South Africa: 1997)


Darrell Roodt

Cast list

Ice Cube... Vusi Madlazi
Thokozani Nkosi... Young Vusi
Ron Smerczak... interrogation police man
Roslyn Morapedi... Vusi’s mother
Elizabeth Hurley... Karen
Greg Latter... Sam
Ving Rhames... Muki


Producers... Patricia Charbonnet, Ice Cube, Gillian Gorfil, Darrell Roodt, Helena Spring


Vusi returns to the South African village that he left as a boy. He meets up with his brother Ernest, who informs Vusi that their other brother cannot be contacted. Vusi travels to Johannesburg to find him, only to find his neighbor/girlfriend Karen. Throughout his visit, Vusi learns about how the conditions have changed- especially for black men, since he left as a boy at the same time trying to get his brother back to safety.

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