Jas Boude (South Africa: 2014)


Imraan Christian, Georgina Warner

Cast list

Starring the 20SK8 Collective: Shuaib Philander, Tooth daBRuin Less, Keerin Noah, Toufeeq Raubenheimer, Wade de Monk, Wesley Shroeder, Tyler Kammies


A University of Cape Town (UCT) Film & Media Production: Produced by Fritz Bucker, Cinematography by Imraan Christian, Edited by Georgina Warner, Sound Recorded by Mitchell Roberts, Original Score & Sound Mix by BFAKE


A collective of young Cape Coloured (people of mixed race) skateboarders from Valhalla and other lower-class areas of The Flats, lacking not only the infrastructure but the necessary sense of safety to skate on the streets of their own neighbourhood, decide to drive into downtown Cape Town one day to skate there instead. Their simple act of entering the city’s public space represents a thrilling violation of the stablished social order, an unwelcome encroachment upon the daily trials and tribulations of Cape yuppies.


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