Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright (South Africa: 1988)


Neal Sundstrom

Cast list

Kitty Aldridge... Tasmin
Arthur Hall... Jimmy
Candice Hillebrand... Tasmin (child)
Michael McCabe... Robert
Mabutho Sithole... Taxi driver
James White... Father Clive
Lynne White... Gelda


Writer: Corrado Boccia, Neal Sundstrom


Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright is a film directed by Neal Sundstrom that was based on a poem by William Blake, and released in 1988. The film starts with a repetition, similar to the poem, of “Tyger, Tyger.” Tasmin (Kitty Adlridge) is seen as a child (Candice Hillebrand) and has a coming of age story in which she deals with, Red John, the main villain and a secret organization of dirty cops. Tasmin questions what kind of God would make a creature such as a Tiger, one that is so full of terror. Through out her coming of age process she learns to accept all things and live life on life’s terms.


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