Suwi-Faith Beyond Limit (Zambia: 2010)


Musola Catherine Kaseketi and Sandie Banda

Cast list

Bupe: Shantel Mwabi

Suwi: Catherine Soko

Dr. Chimba: Owas Mwape


Producers: Steve Malupenga, Musola Cathrine Kaseketi, Paivi Takala


SUWI is about two people, a girl named Suwilanji and an orphan called Bupe who come together after major trauma in their lives. Suwilanji is struggling against everything to gain back control of the life she lost and brings up many important issues in the Zambian culture. Some of these issues reflect the traditional belief system in Western culture. Bupe displays the journey of the lost generation of orphans whose parents are tragically affected by HIV/Aids and how they manage to survive on the street. Dr. Chabu Chimba takes on the role of a parent and shows extreme compassion, love, and care for an orphan, Bupe, who was abandoned at his work place and eventually falls in love.


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