Playing Warriors (Zimbabwe: 2014)


Rumbi Katedza

Cast list

Tendai Musoniu
Kudzai Sevenzo


When twenty-something advertising executive Nyarai finds out that her best friend Nonto is getting married, she and her lawyer friend Maxi are sent into a frenzy thinking that their time to find “Mr. Right” may be running out. Determined to marry for love--despite the insistence of her meddlesome mother that she hurry up and settle down--Nyarai sets out to find a modern man as strong and dependable as the mythical traditional warrior. Reminiscent of a Zimbabwean Sex and the City, director Rumbi Katedza’s delightful debut feature is a smart and insightful comedy about the struggle of young African women to balance modern lifestyles with the pressures of family and tradition.


Elliot Ross, Review of Playing Warriors, from New York African Film Festival (website)

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