Delwende (Burkina Faso: 2005)


S. Pierre Yameogo

Cast list

Blandine Yaméogo     ...         Napoko

Claire Ilboudo              ...         Pougbila

Célestin Zongo             ...         Diahrra

Abdoulaye Komboudri ...         Nonceur

Daniel Kabore             ...         Bancé, l'ancien

Jules Taonssa              ...         Raogo, le devin

Thomas Ngourma       ...         Elie, le fou


Written and Produced by S. Pierre Yameogo

Cinematography by Jürg Hassler

Edited by Jean-Christophe Ané

Production Credits: Dunga Productions, Les Films de l'Espoir, Thelma Film AG


Delwende draws on a true story of a mother and daughter who are accused of witchcraft following the death of a boy who had meningitis. Despite the knowledge that there is an epidemic of meningitis throughout rural areas of Burkina Faso, Napoko Diarrha is accused of eating the boy’s soul. The rumor of her witchcraft is disseminated by her husband, who is angry with her because she disagreed with the idea of marrying their daughter off. Fearing for her life, Napoko flees to a nearby town before her trial can take place. Just as Napoko is losing hope, her daughter Pougbila meets her in the neighboring town and they attempt to escape the traditional and male-dominated society.


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Author – Chris Forget

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