Dreams of Dust (2006) (Burkina Faso: 2006)


Laurent Salgues

Cast list

Makena Diop : Moktar Dicko

Rasmane Ouédraogo: Le vieux Thiam

Fatou Tall-Salgues : Coumba

Souleymane Zouré : Paté

Joseph B. Tapsoba : Tidiane

Kadi Zerbo : Tassaba

Adama Ouédraogo : Amadé Sana


Director : Laurent Salgues

Writing credits : Laurent Salgues

Montage : Annie Jean

Music : Mathieu Vanasse, Jean Massicotte

Production : Sahélis Productions, Athénaise Productions, with the support of Fonds Francophone (OIF, CIRTEF)


Mocktar, a Nigerian peasant, comes looking for work in Essakane, a dusty gold mine in Northeast Burkina Faso, Africa, where he hopes to forget the past that haunts him. In Essakane, he quickly finds out the gold rush ended twenty years before and the inhabitants of this wasteland and strange timelessness manage to exist simply from the force of habit. The beautiful Coumba, however, is still courageously struggling to raise her daughter after the death of her family. Mocktar will soon be fighting not only to survive, but also to provide a better future for this mother and her child.


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Accolades :

  • Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival
  • Nominated at the  Venice International Film Festival
  • African Film Festival in Tarifa : Prize for the Best Full-Length Feature Film
  • Amiens International Film Festival : Jury Special Prize, SIGNIS Prize

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