Le Testament (Burkina Faso: 2008)


Apolline Traoré

Cast list

Sidiki Kam: Gustave Sorghum

Rahmatou: Mpho Ouédraogo

Irene: Laty Traoré

Raphael: Issa Kadiyogo

Ayaan: Mariam Ouedraogo

Tijan: Dieudonné Simporé

Lili: Nelly Nacro

Nafi: Fatoumata Zongo

Carole: Fatou Traoré


Sidiki Kam is a very rich businessman whom at the age of 55 just finished the house of his dreams and he also learns that his time is near. He decides to make a will with very precise instructions on acquiring his fortune. This document could change the course of the life of his family.