Histoire D’Une Haine Manquée (Burundi: 2010)


Eddy Munyamuneza

Cast list

Eddy Munyamuneza as Narrator


Using his camera to tell the story of those in Burundi, Eddy Munyamuneza uses the stories and witnessed accounts of the citizens of Burundi to tell of the coalition efforts to rebuild their community after the civil war between the Hutu and Tusti people. This documentary uses the interviews of both Hutus and Tutsis and how they were able to forget their differences to save each other during the time of trouble. With brotherhood as the main theme, we are given a fresh perspective on the possible outcomes of unconditional love.


Birehenisenge, Adolph, "Histoire D’Une Haine Manquée". Afrique.fr (online blog)


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