Journal d’un cooperant (Burundi: 2013)


Robert Morin

Cast list

Rémi Muhirwa Ciza

Patrice Faye

Chantal Gatore

André Lanthier

Capitaine Madimba

Robert Morin

Dominique Puthod

Freddy Sibomana

Rose Twagirayezu


Producer: Stéphanie Morissette

Music: Bertrand Chénier

Cinematography: Robert Morin

Film Editing: Michel Giroux

Art Direction: Mary Lynn Deachman

Costume Design: Patricia McNeil

Art Department: Louis Cyr

Sound Department: Jonathan Grégoire

Visual Effects: Jean-Pierre Pinard, Olivier Léger, Alexis Farand, Louis Collin


A single electronics technician, Jean-Marc Phaneuf, goes to Africa as a volunteer for an NGO, Radio du Monde. He finds a country ruined by grinding poverty, famine, war, disease and appalling social inequality. Yet he also meets a joyful, brave people hungry for happiness, knowledge and human dignity. The camera that becomes his notebook also helps Jean-Marc expose the shaky, ineffective workings of NGOs. His investigations turn up a few praiseworthy examples of international cooperation, but on the whole he finds himself drawn to a terrible, inescapable conclusion: humanitarian aid is a utopian mirage. After the last vestiges of his ideals are snuffed out when he is attacked, Jean-Marc becomes entangled in a doomed relationship that ultimately forces him to leave Africa in disgrace.