Entre la coupe et l’election (Congo: 2007)


Monique Mbeka Phoba


Screenplay: Monique Phoba Mbeka
Camera: Monique Phoba Mbeka e Guy Kabeya Muya
Editing: Monique Phoba Mbeka
Sound: Olivier Kifoyi Bieta, Richard Mbembi Ndongala
Music: "Ndungu Yangu" del Trio Baruti


Looking for a myth, "The Leopards of Zaire", in contemporary Congo. They were the first black African soccer team ever to take part in a world cup.

Two young Congolese filmmakers decide to make a documentary to leave an everlasting memory of the national team which in 1974 took part in the World Cup: it was the first African national team to get through the selection for the World Cup! Today the wizards of the ball have been forgotten and some have already sunk into poverty. The two student filmmakers decide to deal with this subject precisely when the first political elections are held: another memorable time in the history of the Congo. Old and new dreams meet in a country which after 40 years of dictatorship and endless civil wars is in a state of total decline.

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