PiECES d’iDENTities (Congo: 1999)


Mweze Ngangura

Cast list

Gérard Essomba                  Mani Kongo
Dominique Mesa                 Mwana
Herbert Flack                       Jefke
David Steegen                      Van Loo
Cecilia Kankonda                Safi
Thilombo Lubambu            Mayele
Mwanza Goutier                  Viva-Wa-Viva (as Mouanza Goutier)
Nicola Donato                      Jos


Producers: Isabelle Mathy, Mweze Ngangura

Music: Papa Wemba, Jean-Louise Daulne

Cinematography: Jacques Besse

Film Editing: France Duez, Ingrid Ralet

Production Design: André Fonsny

Costume Design: Agnès Dubois

Makeup: Nancy Beaudoux

Production Management: Vincent Canart, Philippe Toussaint

Art Department: Eric Verheyden

Sound Department:  Alek Goosse, Pascal Jasmes, Marina Lerchs, Ingrid Ralet, Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans

Electrical Department: Tom Oversteijns

Wardrobe Department: Natasha Francotte

Editorial Department:  Ingrid Rubens

Script Supervisor:   Véronique Heuchenne


A deceptively picaresque adventure reveals some troubling issues encountered by people in the ever-widening African diaspora of the late 20th century. Mani Kongo, the venerable king of the Bakongo, sets out alone on a quest for his long-lost daughter, Mwana, who he sent to Belgium to study medicine. As soon as he leaves his village and enters Westernized society, he begins to lose the semblances of his identity and tradition to bureaucrats, thieves, and foolery. Mwana is played by Jean-Louis Daulne, composer of the film’s infectious soundtrack which includes a cameo by Papa Wemba. The multiplicity of roles and names each of the characters adopt aids to the confusion about identity explored in Mwana’s story.


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