Un reve d’independence (Congo: 1998)


Monique Mbeka Phoba


The merit of a dream of independence is to tell the story differently. People no longer know what medical assistants were: neither the Belgians, who created this medical category during the colonization of the Congo, nor the Congolese who have let this part of their history sink into oblivion. Monique Phoba takes a handheld camera and goes to see a family. In doing so, period interviews in documents, it tries to answer this intimate question: what becomes of the forgotten energy independence? A family meeting decides to awaken the memory of the father, his grandfather, who was a medical assistant (Black could not be a doctor): a requiem mass will be celebrated, that suggest the course of this simple and committed man. Tracing the steps of her grandfather - formerly a medical assistant, now a doctor - the Congolese filmmaker uses this family history to portray her country 37 years after Independence.

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Un reve d’independence Congo 1998 Monique Mbeka Phoba
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