Babi (Abidjan) (Côte d'Ivoire: 2012)


Siam Marley

Cast list

Herman Zako

Nina Kramoko

Christ Esomba Abena

Ange Bia

Sonia Siansoluka

Khalil Cisse

Arthur Brice Godo

Olivier Guillaume Bebo

Celestin Yao Kan

Moustapha Traore


Co-Producer: Siam Marley

Director: Siam Marley

Assistant Director: Fabrice Lago

Head Operator: Jeremy Strohm

Assistant Operator: Armand Breh

Sound Engineer: Yao Kouadio

Production Assistant: Aicha Raissa Kone

Sound Mixing: Matthieu Lion

Music: Deus King

Writer: Siam Marley

Production: June Prods, Tourne Court


Length : 00:08:25

Alioune is the leader of a gang that employs a female gang member to take affluent men on dates while the gang robs their houses. Alioune gets himself into trouble when he gets Ferima, their female accomplice, pregnant. After not coming home until late (presumably from being with another woman), Alioune is confronted by Ferima and she discloses her pregnancy. Alioune refuses paternity and insists that she must have slept with the men she was distracting. Their argument leads to a break-up and Alioune subsequently replaces Ferima with a new partner in crime. To get even, Ferima and Alioune’s most trusted partner in the gang manipulate Alioune into returning a stolen suitcase to its owner; unbeknownst to Alioune, the suitcase is empty. Ferima and Alioune’s second in command run away together with the contents of the suitcase. Alioune is dragged off by multiple men, and his ultimate fate is left up to the viewers' imagination.

Siam Marley introduces film, discusses her intentions, as well as the length of production.

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