Chocolat (1988) (Cameroon: 1988)


Director: Claire Denis

Writing Credits: Claire Denis and Jean-Pol Fargeau (Screen Play)

Isaach De Bankolé                     Protée
Giulia Boschi                              Aimée Dalens
François Cluzet                         Marc Dalens
Jean-Claude Adelin                 Luc
Laurent Arnal                            Machinard
Jean Bediebe                              Prosper
Jean-Quentin                            Châtelain Courbassol
Emmanuelle Chaulet             Mireille Machinard
Kenneth Cranham                  Boothby

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Synopsis: A young French woman returns to the vast silence of West Africa to contemplate her childhood days in a colonial outpost in Cameroon. Her strongest memories are of the family’s houseboy, Protee – a man of great nobility, intelligence and beauty – and the intricate nature of relationships in a racist society. (Written by Dawn M. Barclift)

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