Dream Kweens (Cameroon: 2007)


Ebeny Armstrong & Lady Kate Njeuma

Cast list

Soleil Diva: Jamillah
Robert Peters: Bodyguard
Sammy Ngalame: Uncle George Hengi
Herman Mbiki: Lover Boy TJ
Louise Nunga: Kiarra
Becky Eko Samuel: Aunty Feli Hengi
Emmanuel Chebe: Mr. Matthews
Ousman Joof: Mr. Palez
T. Boy Sienni: Gangster Leader


"Dream Kweens" tells the story of a young Cameroonian immigrant invited to America by a family that promises to help her through university. When she gets to America, however, she finds out her family cannot afford her education. The disappointment leads her to the path of chasing her childhood dream of becoming a model, a career that is culturally unacceptable. Challenged on all fronts, she is determined to succeed. The movie is a story of struggle, cultural bias, passion and the sweetness of success. (Taken From ohmynews.com)


Yemti Harry Ndienla, African ‘Dream Kweens’ Debuts Abroad. Oh My News International (Online Magazine)

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