Histoires drôles et drôles de gens (Cameroon: 1983)


Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa

Cast list

Anderson-André Bodjongo
Marguerite Ngandong
André Njuega


Writing: Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa

Editing credits: Michèlle Hollander and Dominique Martin

Distribution: Marfilmes


An African storyteller, humorously and kindly, talks about how some of his fellow countrymen are emulating the habits of white people and "Their stuff". He thus presents several cases to prove his point. In one of them a supposed to be planter and businessman who underpay an employee gets framed by his own folks. A young boy, jump from a high tree with an open umbrella to copy the way the parachutist do in the city. A few other examples are as pathetic or comical. At the epilogue our storyteller finds himself being laughed at, at a bistro in Paris. The way he deals with the situation is kind, and again humorous.

Academic articles:

Mfaboum, Edmond and Sarah B Buchanan. “Social Cries and Political Silences in the First Films of Daniel Kamwa and Dikonguè-Pipa” Cinema and Social Discourse in Cameroon. ed. Alexie Tcheuyap. Bayreuth African Studies, 2005. 83 – 108.

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