Le Grand Blanc de Lambaréné (Cameroon: 1995)


Bassek Ba Kobhio

Cast list

Alex Descas as Koumba
Andre Wilms as Albert Schweitzer
Marisa Berenson as Helene Schweitzer
Magaly Bertly as Bissa
Marcel Mvondo as Lambi


Writer: Bassek Ba Kobhio

Executive Producer: Francoise Leherissey

Sound Designers: Alain Curvelier and Eric Bonnard

Cinematographer: Vincenzo Marano


Cameroonian filmmaker Bassek ba Kobhio provides a fascinating revisionist perspective on Albert Schweitzer, Noble Peace Prize winner and secular saint of the colonial era. (taken from  Newsreel)


"Le Grand Blanc de Lambaréné". Newsreel (online newspaper)

Academic Articles:

Higginson, Francis. “The Well-Tempered Savage: Albert Schweitzer, Music and Imperial Deafness.” Research in African Literatures 36. 4 (2005): 205-222.

Curtius, Anny Dominique. “The Great White Man of Lambaréné: When Translating a Colonial Mentality Loses Its Meaning.” Translation in French and Francophone Literature and Film FLS Vol 34 (2009). ed. James T. Day.

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