Totor (1994) (Cameroon: 2014)


Alternate Title: The Turtle

Written and Directed By: Daniel Kamwa


 Gaylord (Gaylord)

Edna (Edna)

Marcel Bokalli

Helianne Manzouer

Mapeta Bolitchitchi

 Louise Moungi

Marthe Bouambo

Jean Djamani

Marie Kedi

 Julia Mensah

 Aloys Mahouwa

Henriette Nyamba

 Claude Santonga

Synopsis: A boy and his turtle provide the main story in this film, which alternates between surrealism, comedy and graphically violent drama. The film contains a very realistic circumcision scene that may be disturbing to some viewers. Mentse, the main character, is a young boy. After his mother is burned to death in a murder, Mentse goes to a neighboring village where he is adopted. Totor, an adorable turtle, provides much comic action as the villagers fight for him.