Totor (Cameroon: 2014)


Daniel Kamwa

Cast list

Gaylord (Gaylord)

Edna (Edna)

Marcel Bokalli

Helianne Manzouer

Mapeta Bolitchitchi

Louise Moungi

Marthe Bouambo

Jean Djamani

Marie Kedi

Julia Mensah

Aloys Mahouwa

Henriette Nyamba

Claude Santonga


Writing: Daniel Kamwa


A boy and his turtle provide the main story in this film, which alternates between surrealism, comedy and graphically violent drama. The film contains a very realistic circumcision scene that may be disturbing to some viewers. Mentse, the main character, is a young boy. After his mother is burned to death in a murder, Mentse goes to a neighboring village where he is adopted. Totor, an adorable turtle, provides much comic action as the villagers fight for him.

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