Harragas (Algeria: 2009)


Merzak Allouache

Cast list

Imène: Lamia Boussekine
Rachid: Nabil Asli
Mustapha: Samir El Hakim
Nasser: Seddik Benyagoub
Hakim: Mohamed Terekkat
Hassan: Okacha Touita
Omar: Yassine Naceur


Produced by: Véronique Rofé and Jean-Luc Van Damme

Music: David Hadjadj

Cinematography: Philippe Guilbert

Editing: Sylvie Gadmer


This film follows the story of a group of "Harragas," or illegal immigrants from Algeria, as they attempt to cross the Mediterranean and arrive in Spain. When a man named Omar commits suicide, the tragedy provides the impetus for his best friend Rachid to attempt to flee Algeria--something he has dreamed of doing for many years. He is accompanied by Omar's sister Imene and another friend named Nasser. Together, they join a group of Africans and Arabs on a small boat setting off from the port city of Mostaganem; they are led by the boatman Hassan, who is paid to complete this dangerous mission. The passage across the Mediterranean proves to be a dangerous one.


Jay Weissberg, Review: "Harragas." Variety (online entertainment magazine)


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