La Nouba des femmes du Mont Chenoua (Algeria: 1977)


Assia Djebar

Cast list

Zohra Sahraoui
Aïcha Medeljar
Fatma Serhan
Kheira Amrane
Fatma Oudai
Khedija Lekhal


Writer: Assia Djebar
Producer: Ahmed Sedjane, Cherif Abboun, Hamni Farid
Editor: Nicole Schlemmer, Aresky Haddadi
Composer: Bela Bartok


Lila returns to her native Algeria fifteen years after the war for independence, caught up in memories of the war that shaped her childhood. With documentary-style footage, she speaks with other women and compares her life with theirs, and in the structure of la nouba, a traditional song with five parts, reflects on the power of women passing their history and resilience through generations.


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