Le Thé d’Ania (Algeria: 2004)


Saïd Ould Khelifa

Cast list

Ariane Ascaride
Miloud Khetib
Rym Takoucht
Djamel Allam
Rachid Fares
Sonia Koudil
Abdelkader Bouaiche
Achour Raïs


Produced by: Yvon Davis

Music: Marc Perrone

Cinematography: Marc Koninckx

Editing: Jean Dubreuil


This film follows Medhi, an Algerian writer whose life has been marred by the fear of fundamentalist violence. He spends his days alone in an apartment in Algiers. Only his next-door neighbor Ania provides a window into the world outside. With smiles and with cups of tea left outside his door, Ania tries to bring Medhi out of his shell and show him what it means to live.

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