Zabana (Algeria: 2012)


Said Ould-Khelifa

Cast list

Imad Benchenni
Khaled Benaïssa
Nicolas Pignon
Laurent Gernigon
Abdelkader Djeriou
Anne Richard
Mourad Oudjit
Abel Jafri
Mustapha Ayad
Jeremie Covillaut
Embarek Menad
Jean Gabriel Nordmann
Frederic Gelard
Daniel San Pedro
Corrado Invernizzi
Brahim Djaballah
Sebastien Tavel
Youssef Saiah
Samir Bouanani
Fadhila Bouhanna
Yves Buchin


Produced by: Yacine Laloui

Co-producers: Djamel Yahiaoui and Mustapha Orif

Screenplay: Azzedine Mihoubi and Said Ould-Khelifa

Cinematography: Marc Koninckx

Editing: Jean Dubreuil

Music: Michel Wintsch



This film follows the final moments in the life of Ahmed Zabana, a militant who fought in the Algerian War of Independence against France. After the unintentional murder of a French official, Zabana is captured along with fellow militants from the Front de Liberation Nationale or FLN. He is tortured and humiliated. Finally, in June of 1956, he is executed by guillotine. The film exposes the horrors of the French system of imprisonment and "justice" in Algeria.


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Joobin Bekhrad, Zabana!: Said Ould-Khelifa's Stirring Portrayal of Algeria's Unforgotten MartyrReorient (online Middle Eastern arts and culture magazine)

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