A Man In Our House (Egypt: 1961)


Henry Barakat

Cast list

Rushdy Abaza          Abd El-Hamid

Zahret El Ola            Samia

Hussein Riad            Zahir

Omar Sharif              Ibrahim

Zubaida Tharwat     Nawal

Hassan Youssef       Mohey


Writing Credits: Ihsan Abd al-Qudus and Yussef Issa


A Man In Our House takes place during the Free Officers Movement. Ibrahim, a college student, assassinates the Prime Minister, so he must go into hiding in the home of a fellow student, Mohie. While there, he falls in love with Mohie’s sister, Nawal, but fights his feelings because he feels guilt for the danger he puts their family in. His safety is compromised when Mohie’s cousin, Abdel, discovers Ibrahim, and blackmails the family. This movie provides a political commentary on anti-colonialism.


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