Amir El Zalam (Egypt: 2002)


Rami Imam

Cast list

Abdel Imam... Saeed El Masry

Shereen Seif El-Nasr... Alia

Youseff Daoud... Zelfi

Reda Hamed... The Pilot

Khaled Sarhan... Saadoun

Diaa Abdel Khalek... Azzam

Tawfik Abdel Hamid... Officer

Alaa Zenhom

Ahmed El-Tuhami... Max

Ragaa Al-Giddawy... (as Herself)

Enas Mekky... (Guest Appearance)

Donia Abd Elaziz

Sa'eed Saleh... Blind Coach

Younes Shalaby... Blind Referee


Writers... Khaled Sarhan

Hamdy Youssey

Producer... Esam Imam

Music... Khaled Hammad

Cinematography... Mohsen Ahmed


Saeed El Masry, a blind ex-pilot who tries to fight corruption, befriends a group of blind young people who make him their leader and their eyes to see the world with. At night, he dresses up and goes to a nightclub where he encounters Alia who falls in love with him. Meanwhile a mysterious gang of foreign terrorists choose the blind hostel, where Saeed stays, as their base for assassinating a politician.


'Prince of Darkness' to Master 60 Theatres in Egypt. Albawaba Entertainment (Online Magazine)

‘Degage- We’re Filming!’ by Nabil Mouline. Middle East Journal of Culture and Communications, Vol. 7, No. 3 (2014), pp. 330-350

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