Emberatoriet Meem (Empire M) (Egypt: 1972)


Hussein Kamal

Cast list

Faten Hamama- Mother/Mona

Ahmed Mazhar

Dawlad Abiad- Granny

Seif Abol Naga- Mostafa (as Khaled Abol Naga)

Hayat Kandeel- Daughter 

Leila Hamada

Hesham Selim


Ishan Abd al-Qudus (dialogue and novel)

Mustafa Samy (screenplay)


Mona, a mother of 6, who is also a widow is struggling to raise all of her children, who are all different ages, ranging from elementary school to University graduating students. She wants to bring home a new husband, which then it turns to be an even more difficult task to accomplish.


DFI Film review: Emberatoriet Meem, written by Reem Saleh; Doha Film Institute 


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