Mouths and Rabbits (Egypt: 1977)


Henry Barakat

Cast list

Enas El Deghidi

Farid Shawky

Faten Hamama

Mahmoud Yassin

Ragaa Hussein


Writing Credits: Samir Abdelazim


Neama lives with her sister Gamalat, her sister’s husband Abdel and their many children. Neama works to support the family, while Abdel is a lazy drunk. He tries to marry her off to a chicken farmer who, although ill-educated, has money. Neama escapes to Cairo, where she begins working for a wealthy man Mahmoud Bey. Mahmoud is engaged, but he falls in love with Neama and they eventually get married.


Reviews and Articles:
Shawky, Amany Ali. Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Mouths and Rabbits.’ Mada Masr (online newspaper)

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