Nishan (Medal of Honor) (Ethiopia: 2012)


Yidnekachew Shumete

Cast list

Berukan Befkadu: Nishan
Feleke Abebe
Tewodros Sifraye
Alebachew Mekonnen
Afework Bekele


Writer: Yidnekachew Shumete
Paulos Regassa:  Music
Abreham Tesfaye: Music
Mulugeta Megeissa: Cinematography
Selamuawit Marc: Film Editting
Yidnekachew Shumete Desalegn: Producer
Bertukan Befkadu Haile: Producer


In this film, Nishan is an Ethiopian woman who has received an extremely rare visa to work outside of the country. In order to support his daughter's dreams financially, Nishan's father mortgages the house. An unsigned document, however, turns everything back upside-down.


Obenson, Tambay A, “Ethiopian Yidnekachew Shumete’s ‘Nishan’ will be ADIFF 2013 Centerpiece (NY Premiere).” Indie Wire (online magazine)




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