And Then There Was You (Ghana: 2013)


Leila Afua Djansi

Cast list

Garcelle Beauvais: Natalie Gilbert

Greg Vaughan : Corinth

Leon: Joshua Gilbert

Kate Nauta: Kayla

Brian White: Darrell Brent

Full Cast and Crew


Writing Credits: Leila Afua Djansi

Produced by:

Garcelle Beauvais: producer

Ryan Daly: co-producer

Brett Dismuke : executive producer

Michael Akwesi Djaba: co-executive producer (as Michael Djaba)

Dave Harper: executive producer

Suzanne Patrick: producer

Akin Salami: co-executive producer

Tim Taylor: producer


Djansi’s first Hollywood film tells the story of Natalie, a young teacher who dreams of a happy, domestic life with her husband, Leon. However, Natalie has to pick up the pieces of her former life once Leon leaves her for his “outside” family. She falls in love with another man, Darrell, only to discover that he harbors secrets of his own. Darrell’s wife will not grant him a desired divorce, and Natalie does not know whether he will be a lasting, true love. Although the film belongs to the romantic genre, And Then There Was You is also full of surprising plot twists.

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