Cheetah (1989) (Kenya: 1989)

cheetah movie

Director: Jeff Blyth
Writing Credits: Alan Caillou (book “The Cheetahs”), John Cotter (story), Erik Tarloff / John Cotter / Griff Du Rhone (screenplay)

The film Cheetah is a live-action film from Walt Disney Pictures that is shot and takes place in Nairobi, Kenya. An American boy and girl spend six months in Kenya with their scientist parents, adopt a female cheetah they call Duma, and realize they must set her free so she can thrive in the wild. However, she is soon captured and the kids travel to head off into the wild to rescue Duma.

Keith Coogan as Ted
Lucy Deakins as Susan
Colin Mothupi as Morogo
Timothy Landfield as Earl Johnson
Breon Gorman as Jean Johnson
Ka Vundla as Kipoin
Lydia Kigada as Lani
Kuldeep Bhakoo as Patel
Paul Onsongo as Abdullah
Anthony Baird as Nigel
Rory McGuinness as Larry
Rod Jacobsen as David
David Adido as Mwangi

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Jack Couffer – Co-producer (as John Cotter)
Roy Edward Disney – Producer
Robert Halmi Sr. – Producer

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