To Walk with Lions (Kenya: 2013)


Carl Schultz

Cast list

Richard Harris - George Adamson
John Michie - Tony Fitzjohn
Kerry Fox - Lucy Jackson
Ian Bannen - Terence Adamson
Hugh Quarshie - Maxwell
Honor Blackman - Joy Adamson
Geraldine Chaplin - Victoria Andrecelli
Guy Williams - John Bell
David Kakuta Mulwa - Hamisi
Frederic Opondo - David M'Boya
Tonny Njuguna - Yussif
Douglas O. Ayayo - James Ngetha
Raymond Ofula - Chief Haji Abu Jibril
Edward Kwach - Doctor
Tirus Gathwe - Keya
James Onyango - Sergeant Mgatee
Lucinda Gorringe - Bridget
Steenie Njoroge - Bitacha
Ng'ang'a George - Ongesa
Dale Liselo - Stanley
Odero Aghan - Shifta Leader
Charles Njenga - Police Constable
Sasha Hurt - Tony's Girlfriend
Regina Macharia - Secretary
Mohamed Ahamed Jama - Somali
Caroline Kere - Maxwell's Wife
Sarah Malinda - Maxwell's Daughter
Yusef Lubembe - GSU Ranger
Kamau Wa Mbugwa - Nairobi Constable
Omar Godana - Somali Herdsman
Les Cardillo - Jack at Norfolk


Tony Fitzjohn (John Michie) has just come to work on Kora, a lion preserve, for two elderly brothers, George and Terrence Adamson (Ian Bannen). On the first day Fitzjohn goes against George’s advice and is nearly mauled by a lion. Being informed this is how the last person to fill his position came to be killed, he writes the whole place off as crazy and decides to leave. With a last minute change of heart, and a lion cub brought in from a zoo for him to train and reintroduce into the wild he soon discovers his life’s true calling.


To Walk With Lions
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