Johnny Mad Dog (Liberia: 2008)


Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire

Cast list

Christophe Mine
Daisy Victoria Vandy
Joseph Duo
Dagbeth Tweh
Careen Moore
Mohammed Sesay
Barry Chernoh
Léo Boyeneh Kote
Maxwell Carter
Miata Fahnbulleh
Terry Johnson
Onismus Kamoh
Lawrence King
Massiata E. Kenneh
Anthony King
Fanta K. Smith
Teddy Boy
Philip Topka
Joe Jackson


Set in the height of the summer during the Second Liberian Civil War, Johnny Mad Dog, is the story of a group of child shoulders forced into the life of rape, pillage, violence in their march towards the capital, Monrovia. The film, based on Emmanuel Dongala’s acclaimed novel Johnny Chien Méchant, gritty and corporal style highlights the moral and physical degradation the war has brought upon these child soldiers. Gripping and utterly realistic, the director forces the viewer to navigate the poignant and evocative subject matter themselves, making the film unforgettable and cathartic to experience.


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