My Baby’s Daddy (Liberia: 2004)


Cherly Dunye

Cast list

Amy Sedaris: Annabelle
Anthony Anderson: G
Bai Ling: XiXi
Eddie Griffin: Lonnie
Joanna Bacalso: Nia
Marsha Thomason: Brandy
Method Man: No Good
Michael Imperioli: Dominic
Paula Jai Parker: Rolonda
Scott Thompson: Cashier
Tommy Lister: Drive By


Writing Credits: Eddie Griffin, Coke Daniels, Brent Goldberg, David Wagner


This comedic film is about a group of three guy friends who all come to find out they all are going to need to grow up quickly at the same time when all three of their girlfriends end up pregnant around the same time. These three guys get to transition from being the players to bringing their young ones to playtime.


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