Stranger Inside (Liberia: 2015)


Cheryl Dunye

Cast list

Almayvonne                    Scar

Conchata Ferrell             Mama Cass

Davenia McFadden        Brownie

Ella Joyce                         Doodle Alderidge

LaTonya 'T' Hagans        Shadow

Lee Garlington                Warden Arnold

Marc Vann                       Nelson

Mary Mara                       Tanya

Medusa                            Leisha

Rain Phoenix                   Kit

Yolonda Ross                  Treasure


This film is based around the reunion of a daughter and her incarcerated mother. The harsh reality of the women’s correctional facility sets the tone up to be like any other prison type film, but the Stranger Inside is known for its’ ending that ultimately makes watching the film completely worthwhile.


“Searching for Someone to Call Family”  Nycritic, IMDB (online review)


"Giving Credit to Paratexts and Parafeminism in Top of the Lake and Orange Is the New Black. " Kathleen A. McHugh, Film Quarterly, Vol. 68, No. 3 (Spring 2015) (pp. 17-25). Print.

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