The Native Who Caused All the Trouble (Miscellaneous: 1990)


Manie van Rensburg

Cast list

John Kani ... Tselilo
Vanessa Cooke ... Edna
Graham Hopkins ... Bruce
Kurt Egelhof ... Ashrat
Frantz Dobrowsky ... Barnes
Eric Nobbs ... Kramer
Robert Whitehead ... Sifren
Neville Thomas ... Magistrate
Ryno Hattingh ... Prosecutor


Writing Credits: David Wicht (screenplay), Danny Keogh, Vanessa Cooke, Nicholas Haysom (story)


The story of a God-fearing man who, believing that land cannot be owned, attempts to build his church on already-occupied ground.


Martin P. Botha, "The Cinema of Manie van Rensburg (Part 1)".

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