Ta Dona (Fire) (Mali: 1991)


Adama Drabo

Cast list

Fill Traore... Sidy

Djemeba Diaware... Koro, Tochter des Abgeordneten

Ballamoussa Keith... Fakoro, Chef der Jäger

Abdou Samake... Fakoros Sohn

Arouna Diarra... Bablé, Chef von Farabougou

Mamadou Fomba... Fabou, Sidys Freund

Djibril Kouyate... Samou, der Abgeordnete

Samby Karambe... Heilerin

Fatoumata Touré... Oumou, Frau des Abgeordneten


Writing Credits: Adama Drabo (screenplay)


This film creates a link between the modern world and the traditional world. In a small Malian village, the people are conflicted between obeying the government and upholding tradition. The villagers customarily hunt by setting forest fires; however, the government has banned forest fires because of their combined danger and destruction. Sidy, a young forest ranger from the city, is called to combat a forest fire in the village. He finds himself developing a closer relationship with the villagers than his employers. He then journeys to find a plant with magical healing powers that supposedly eases the pain of childbirth. Through his work, he must try to bring together the local villagers and his bosses.


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