Waati (Mali: 1995)


Souleymane Cissé

Cast list

Sidi Yaya Cissé... Solofa
Mariame Amerou Mohamed Dicko... Nandi at 6 years
Balla Moussa Keita... Teacher
Eric Miyeni... The father
Naked Riband... The mother
Adam Rose... Killer Policeman
Niamanto Sanogo... Rastas' prophet
Linèo Tsolo... Nandi
Mary Twala... Grandmother
Vusi Kunene
Martin Le Maitre


Writing Credits: Souleymane Cissé


"Nandi is a black South African girl living under the rule of Apartheid. Violence, desperate energy, a wild passion for learning and liberation through knowledge, encounters of love and compassion. The convulsive present of Africa, its past made of misery and magic, its future, 'inevitably better' meet on Nandi's path. We follow her from childhood to reaching adulthood, among the landscapes and figures in her life, as she goes through South Africa, Ivory Coast, Mali and Namibia 'where the earth seems to have originated'. Little by little, Nandi discovers her continent and her own reality as an African woman". (From Festival De Cannes website)


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